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Van Diemen RF89



Contact / +44(0)7867782295


£ 26000


Manchester (UK)


I have for sale my immaculate Van Diemen RF89 Formula Ford 1600 race car. The car was rebuilt in 2020 to race in the Marcel Albers Memorial Trophy at Zandvoort that year, but we couldnt attend due to covid restriction. It is currently in full Marcel Albers Marlboro livery. The car was originally owned and raced in 1989 by ex BAR & Honda Formula One test driver Patrick Lemaire for Graff Racing in France. This car had a complete rebuild to make it into a brand new car (it has done 5 races since) The chassis was stripped, blasted and checked before re powdercoating and a new ali floor by URS. It is 20kg under the weight limit (needs ballast to be legal) and comes with a strong fresh Bold engine. This car is now better than when it came out of the factory. Every part is new on the car including the bellhousing. It comes with adjustable Quantum dampers, GPS AIM datalogger and Staubli quick connectors on the brake and clutch hoses for fast engine changes. It wants for nothing, and has everything it needs for fast, relaiable racing. It is the perfect car for the Heritage, Northern Super Classic Championship, Champion of Brands, Castle Combe FF1600 as well as the end of season Formula Ford Festival and Walter hays Trophy. Plus there are many events accorss Europe where it would be a front running car at tracks such as Spa, Le Mans, Dijon, Paul Ricard etc. The car has been maintained by Souley Motorsport, who would love to continue to run this stunning car. Details - Fully rebuilt strong Neil Bold Engine - dyno details can be supplied - 5 races on current engine - less than 500 miles covered. Brand new Quantum adjustable dampers Rebuilt gearbox from JP at Silverstone - lightend diff Full AIM Datalogger with GPS - EVO4s New Momo Steering wheel New AIM sensors - water temp & oil pressure New radiators from URS Complete set of brand new light weight bodywork - in gelcoat white Complete set of new wishbones, track rods and rockers Complete new ali floor Complete new set of rose joints & bearings Complete car set of Naz bolts and Knuts Complete new exhaust with Cerakote silver coating New battery (large one as the car is so light) All aliuminim parts professionally polished New pipes New master cylinders New 1.5kg tiny Lifeline Fire extinguisher - fully FIA compliant. Brand new bellhousing Blasted and cleaned uprights with new bearings Fully restored original AP brake calipers by Oldfield Motorsport New light weight floating brake disks - Medina Spares New starter motor New Lifeline HD rain light New wiring loom - Souley Motorsport New springs Large Spares Package (extra cost) - 4 Front Upper Wishbones 2 Rear Rockers 4 Lower Rear Wishbones 2 Push Rods 6 Steering arms with joints 3 Rear Track Rods 3 Rear Lower Wishbones 4 Rear Lower Wishbones 4 Front Lower Wishbones 2 Used adapers/bellhousing 2 Spare Nose Boxes - new 2 Spare Nose Cones 2 Spare uprights 12 Spare ratios (depends on sale price if included) Varoius Springs Spare set of ACB9 Tyres - only 6 laps of the Heritage Final (run in) Price £26,000 complete with Bold engine Spares £3,500 or £29,000 all together (Spares package is worth £6k if you bought new).


17 01 2

A vendre ou à louer Mygale SJ01 - Zetec




Z-RacingServices Jo Zosso / / +41795448516


13500 Francs suisses


Berne - Suisse


Année 2001. Châssis n° 27. Le véhicule est en parfait état et prêt à rouler. Un moteur neuf a été installé en novembre 2022. Extincteur et harnais OK. 8 roues supplémentaires, pneus pluie, rapports de boîte, beaucoup de pièces détachées et ancien moteur vendu séparément. Le véhicule est à Berne, à 5 minutes sortie autoroute (Suisse).


Triangles suspension VD RF88



Contact /  +41794177155


300.-€ le lot


Collombey - Suisse


Triangles de suspensions VD RF 88 voie étroites
  Triangles vd rf 88 voies etroites

Van Diemen RF85

Date 09/01/2022
Contact +32 477 808 808 ou +32 475 25 21 06
Prix 15000 €
Lieu Bruxelles
Descr A vendre Formule Ford Van Diemen RF85 (1600cc Kent) Possible aussi de la vendre sans moteur et sans boîte Hewland MK8 Châssis 10007 Avec passeport FFSA Prête à rouler Nouvelle peinture 4 roues montées 1 nez supplémentaire 2 paires de ressorts amortisseurs Rapports dans la boîte 1 - 18/32 2 - 20/32 3 - 22/28 4 - 24/27 Voici les photos et 3 vidéos sur cette Van Diemen RF85 lors de sa dernière sortie sur le circuit de Mettet (Belgique) En sus Remorque fermée avec toute nouvelle bâche et 3 nouveaux pneus (avec 1 roue réserve) pour transport moins de 750kg PRIX  1850,00€(euro) ------------------------------ For Sale Formule Ford Van Diemen RF85 (1600cc Kent) Chassis 10007 With FFSA passport Ready to roll New painting 4 wheels mounted 1 extra nose 2 pairs of shock absorbers Gears in the box 1 - 18/32 2 - 20/32 3 - 22/28 4 - 24/27 Here are the pictures and 3 videos on this Van Diemen RF85 during its last outing on the Mettet circuit (Belgium) In addition Trailer, less than 750kg, closed with all new tarpaulin and 2 new tires (with 1 spare wheel) Price 1850,00€(euro)
  2019 03 23 van diemen avec deco fluo 13
  Rf85 2
  2019 04 30 remorq vers paul 9

Electronique Raceready pour FF ZETEC

Date 30/04//2020
Contact 00 35 1917515665
Prix £490 + TVA & transport
Lieu Portugal

Boîtier électronique pour FF Zetec.Remplace le Pectel T2. Seul boîtier de substitution autorisé par le règlement technique du Trophée FF Zetec. Conception et fabrication modernes. Programmation conforme à l'origine. Compatible avec le câblage d'origine. Tous les détails: ► 

Pectel replica